About US

At Oddo, we're not just selling underwear. We're starting a conversation about women's health and sexuality.

Women’s bodies and sexuality have been politicized and fetishized since the dawn of time. All this attention on our sexuality, heath and reproductivity can make important topics a bit, um, awkward to discuss. Often this leads to... No discussion, no education, and a lot of misinformation. When we told our friends about Oddo, many of them said, "Finally! I've been looking for a line of cool, 100% cotton underwear." But many women had no idea that wearing 100% cotton is critical for vaginal health.

Indeed, that's the case: According to the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, an estimated 300 million women around the world suffer from vaginal and bladder infections each year. Often this is because they don't know how to care for their reproductive organs. 

At Oddo, we want to educate and inform women about how to take care of and enjoy their bodies. We believe sex is a normal—and beautiful!—part of the human experience. And the language we use to talk about it doesn't have to be kinky, over-sexualized or ethereal. It can be elevated, smart, and inspiring. 

For more information about us and how we started, check out our Kickstarter Campaign.