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Oddo Body Collaborations

Underwear informs how we feel about our bodies, acts as a tool to enrich our sex lives and affects our health. We’re interested in using this symbol to explore—culturally, personally, artistically and through business—how “sexy” is defined today and how that relates to an open, informed and elevated understanding of our bodies and selves. We work with photographers, artists, creatives and designers to repackage and interpret important information and capture the feeling and emotion that we feel has been missing from this conversation.


Kimbra Audrey x Oddo Body


Kava Gorna x Oddo Body


Georgia Hilmer x Oddo Body


Oddo Body Manual - Volume 1 - The Vulva


Each Oddo purchase will arrive with an illustrated manual filled with interesting tips, information and inspiration about sex and sexual health. Every season we'll tackle a different topic. The first topic? Female pleasure. (Oh, and this is important: These manuals aren't just for the user—we wrote them with a partner in mind, if you get what we're saying...)

We worked with a collection of visual artists to showcase their interpretation of the female anatomy. Each artist created exclusive depictions of two of our favorite anatomical superstars: The Vulva and The Clitoris. 


Alexa Haas


Jillian Mayer


Rachel Rossin


Lara Apponyi


Ariane Faerlie


Erin Welsh

Rebeca Raney