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(unless, of course, Granny wears Oddo)


Fine, cotton, intimate essentials that inspire open, informed conversation about women’s health and sex.


Each Oddo purchase arrives with a printed manual filled with interesting tips, information and inspiration about sex and sexual health. We believe that putting on underwear can be more than a morning ritual, it's a vehicle for self care and love.


What they say about us: 


The line, made in New York with Japanese cotton, focuses on function over frills."

—The New York Times


"The project took seven years to come together, but it feels custom-built for today’s body-positive, sex-positive climate."



"The end result is ultimately a look into the process behind the very idea of Oddo, which is bringing these very personal, beautiful parts of your body and your everyday life to a safe place, which to Shira means being able to talk about your body without fear or shame."



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MALIN Fezahai


oddo body

We interviewed seven women and captured moving portraits... 

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“I knew sex was supposed to be enjoyable, but it all seemed like a mystery as to what makes it enjoyable. I just thought, 'I’m supposed to enjoy this, but I’m not sure why or how I’m going to.'”



"Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on owning my body more, and discovering that the things I had been told growing up—that I had to look a certain way—aren’t really true..."



"I feel sexy when I embrace my masculine side, especially if I wear kind of androgynous, sporty clothing."